Peculiarities of A best e cigarette.

With all the continuous development of Ecig industry there are more and more options to choose from . There are plenty of electronic cigarette brands each with their unique style of products and accessories . As a newbie choosing the best electronic cigarette could be more of a headache , the one best suited for you . This page is designed to guide you to your way through .


The primary (and most important) factor to consider when looking for an e-cigarette is DESIGN. It Includes the overall look and feel of the e cig as well as its size , contour and efficiency . There are different catagories in term of ecigs when it comes design  i.e cig alike , ego style and mods which are meant for more advanced vapers.


when it comes to analyze the competence of a vaporizer , there are mainly three areas to think about .

Advanced personal vaporizers

Advanced personal vaporizers

-Vapor Production

Majority of ex-smokers get disappointed after their first experience because other than getting nicotine from e cigs they are after some of the most delicious flavours and the vapor production . There are variety of factors who make a difference this vapor production . So taking into consideration of these factors is a key to your succesful transition.

the PG ( Propylene Glycol ) VG ( vegetable glycerin ) ratio plays a vital role in vapor production . Since PG is usually a thin liquid and more likely to produce less vapor whereas VG is the thick one and does produce more vapor . If you have a ejuice with 30/70 PG VG ratio is probably going to produce more vapor than that with 50/50 PG VG ratio.

Atomizers ohm number is another factor in charge of producing volume of vapor . Ohm is the unit of resistance of an atomizer . An atomizer with less resistance produces more vapor than an atomizer with high ohm number.

The type of vaping device also plays an important role in amount of vapor produced since the technical configuration of body of ecigs vary from brand to brand.

Throat hit can be described as the sensation or feeling you get at the back of your throat when you take a puff off your vaporizer . It is more like a mild irritating or tickling sensation . Many ex smokers don’t like e cigs because they are not getting this satisfactory throat hit they used to get with normal cigarettes.


There is nothing better than having a long-lasting battery life . It is measured in mAh . Higher the mAh rate , longer the battery life . Brands these days are offering some decent customizeable batteries which give you more control of your vaping .

Product Quality

Try buying from the best brands out there . Do a little search about a particular style of product and you would get the idea about different brand’s reputation.