Halo has been in this e-cigarette industry for the last few years and being consistently ranked as one of the highest ranked brands in the e-cigarette industry . Untill 2 years ago , they were just making cig-a-like models. But they were making USA made eliquids back then when other brands were importing it from outside USA. But at the moment Halo ecigs offer a lot to stand in the ranks of prominent ecig brands .


Halo cigs is one of the companies which caters top-notch starter kits and e-liquid from the beginners to most advanced vapers .

In this review we would probe closely G6 starter kit of Halo cigs .

G6 E-cigarette starter kit comes in 9 different colours to choose from .

1. Jetblack
2. Electric Lime
3. Emerald Green
4. Deep purple
5. Princess Pink
6. Classic white
7. Midnight Blue
8. Red
9. Titanium

Starter kit that costs like $35 offers everything you need for vaping g6-starterkit. Once in hand you are good to go . It comes with

2 Batteries
1 pack of 5 cartomizers
1 wall charger
1 premium Halo gift style Box
1 USB adaptor


Halo cigs offers Anti filler technology to avoid the terrifying burning taste we often get with cartridges . In they also promise a durable long-lasting battery life without loosing volume of smooth vapor production. That is some good return to your little investment.

There three different sizes of batteries to choose from and you can choose the same colour as of your starter kit .

Mini – 65mm
Standard – 78mm
Large – 102mm


Like described above , Halo cigs is one of those rare companies to offer premium eliquids in a wild collection of flavors .


Tobacco Flavors

Tribeca – ultra Smooth Tobacco
Turkish Tobacco – Smooth Light Tobacco
Voodoo – Sugar and Spice Tobacco
Torque56 E-liquid – Unfiltered Tobacco
Prime15 – Bold Nutty Tobacco
Pirates Creed – Classic Pipe Tobacco
Midnight Apple – Spiced Apple Tobacco
Freedom Juice – Robust Tobacco Flavor
Cordoba – Fine Cigar Blend
Black Calico – Cavendish Tobacco

Menthol Flavored E-liquids

SubZero – Extra Strength Menthol
Menthol ICE – Cool Crisp Menthol
Mystic – Menthol Tobacco Blend
CoolMist – Sweet Smooth Menthol
Menthol V – Crisp Clean Menthol

Dessert Flavored E-liquids

Kringle’s Curse – Sweet Peppermint
Malibu E-liquid – Tropical Menthol Blend
Devlin E-liquid – Sweet Caramel
Cafe Mocha – Robust Chocolate Coffee
Belgian Cocoa – Rich Chocolate Blend
Fusion E-liquid – Unflavored DIY Base
Shamrock – Mint Chocolate Blend

Fruit-Flavored E-liquids

Wild Watermelon – Lip-Smacking Watermelon
Tangerine Swirl – Tangerine and Vanilla
Nutty Caramel – Caramel Covered Nuts
Pure Pomegranate – Delectable Pomegranate Blend
Spiced Apple – Spiced ‘Granny-Smith’ Apples
Hazelnut Cappuccino – Cappuccino with Hazelnut
Limelight – Fresh Key Lime
Grape Vape – Candy Grape Blend
Golden Kiwi – Sweet and Tart
FruitApalooza – Delicious Fruit Blend
Cantaloupia – Sweet Crisp Cantaloupe
Backwoods Blueberry – Delicious Blueberries
Apricota – Tree-Ripe Apricots
Apple Pom Smoothie – Apple Pomegranate Blend


Halo cigs has variety of e cigs With its stylish packaging, attractive array colours and peak performance .The latest models of Triton tank and the G6 models have skyrocketed them to the ranks of ecigs market . In addtion that long wild arrays of flavors are more than enough to make you think about their top-notch products . My definite recommendation Halo Cigs !