V2 cigs is a Florida based company founded in 2009 is one of the early brands out there in e-cigarette market . Since the launch  of their other leading brands like vapour2  they have built their stature as the best or one of the best out there in the industry . Thanks to their innovation , V2 Cigs has some of the finest looking electronic cigarette that we have seen . From a newbie to the experienced vapors , they have got something to offer for everyone .


V2 Cigs Ultimate Starter Kit comes with a spectacular box. The product has a solid engineering in addition to the unique branding on all the accessories including the battery and cartridges. They’ve got more like a sci-fi like appearance.It is very much suitable to work with many brands including vapor4life and premium vapes along with cigarette-like ecigs because of same KR-808D1 threading .

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V2 Cigs Ultimate Starter Kit gives you pretty much all you need for your transition. It comes with the following accessories
25 cartridges – 5 flavors with 5 cartridges each .
3 V2 batteries – 2 standard length batteries , one automatic and one manual . ONE long manual battery .
1 USB e-cigarette
1 high quality holding case
1 lanyard
1 Main charger
1 Car charger
1 Charging Case


You get two categories of options when it comes to make selection of battery for your starter kit . One in terms of size and the other one in terms of selecting automatic or manual battery . Using an automatic battery , you inhale which triggers the battery – whereas using a manual battery , you will need to press a button while inhaling . The buttons are designed to integrate with the overall style of product, and don’t diminish the look of device. More advanced vapors prefer manual batteries as it gives you more control of your vaping experience and are more efficient .

When it comes to the length/size of battery .. You have this long , standard and sv2-ecig-battery-comparison-charthort battery options .

Long battery gives you 300+ puffs , 140mm long in length and a power of 380mAh.

Standard battery gives you 200+ puffs , 110mm long in length and a power of 250mAh.

Short battery gives you 160+puffs , 100mm long in length and a power of 150mAh.



The company offers cartridges which can refilled easily . For example with the release cartridges for EX series that operate with v2 batteries , you can open these and fill it with the ejuice you want . In a way it is an economical option for those who want to save something on their ejuice expenses as compared to cartridges that come prefilled These cartridges are a new addition to their accessories with a more advanced engineering as they have a window allowing you to get a glance of your ejuice to check out how much of it is left .It also offers 400+ puffs instead of 250+ puffs you get from standard cartridges.


V2 Cigs offer eliquids in variety of flavors .Their extensive collection have something for everyone . From the Tobacco flavors to the Minty blends , from sweet varieties to the coffee , you will find many that will work for you . Here is a list of these .

V2 Red
Mint Tea

In the end it all depends on the users personal preferences . Apart from these , they have this offer for customers who order 100 or more cartridges . The offer gives vapors customization offers additional cocktails , deserts and fruit flavors to choose from .


You will find five levels in terms of nicotine within V2 Cigs cartridge,
1. Zero
2.Light (6mg)
3. Medium (12mg)
4. Full (18mg)
5. Strong (24mg).
Going backwards in order , these levels can provide a road to your journey to get rid of nicotine addiction .


Three words , “A lifetime warranty” is the bottom line . Since the launch of this company , the standard or quality of their products leaves nothing debatable. During the production process, every portion is tested to the limits before being sold to the clients. Similarly, all their e-liquids are chemically analyzed . To avoid the abuse of lifetime warranty the company gives five replacements and these replacements doesn’t include disposable accessories . Warranty is voided if use the items in any other way than stated in the user manual.


As stated above , looking the quality products of V2 cigs , they hardly give anything to criticize. The dense vapor, genuine throat hit, high quality of design, range of flavors and battery life are the pillars V2 cigs live up to. Well done V2 cigs !