Things You May Want To Know About PG VG ELiquid Ingredients and Carcinogens

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About 13% of American adults have tried an ecig at some point in their lives. This is according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). A typical e cigarette contains ingredients such as nicotine, e liquid flavoring agents, propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG) also commonly known as PG VG . Additionally, some ecigs also contain distilled water, which is largely used to dilute the eliquid. Below is some more information about PG and VG eliquid ingredients..

Propylene glycol

At room temperature, propylene glycol is a hygroscopic, odorless, colorless, and syrupy substance. It is widely used in the manufacture of food, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic products. It is also used to generate artificial smoke. According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), PG is “generally recognized as safe,” meaning it is safe for human consumption or use. After ingestion, it breaks down in the body within 48 hours. Nevertheless, continuous exposure to PG can cause skin, eye, oral, and nasal irritation, states the Agency for Toxic Substances & Disease Registry (ATSDR).

Vegetable Glycerin

Vegetable glycerin is a naturally occurring polyol compound found in many lipids. Similar to PG, VG is colorless, odorless, non-toxic and a viscous substance at room temperature. Furthermore, it has a sweet taste and it is widely used in the food and pharmaceutical manufacturing industries as a sweetener and humectant. VG is obtained from plants in the form of triglycerides that are further processed to produce glycerin. Food grade vegetable glycerin is usually 99.7% pure.

PG VG use in ELiquids

Propylene glycol is used in eliquids for various reasons. Firstly, it is used to produce the distinctive “throat hit” that many smokers desire. Moreover, since it is less viscous than VG, it is easier to handle in terms of refilling e cigarettes. On the other hand, vegetable glycerin is mostly used to flavor eliquids because of its sweet taste. However, VG is more viscous than PG, meaning it could generate gunk and clog e cigarette parts. For instance, wicks in e cigarette devices absorb PG much faster than VG (due to its low density). This translates to easier cleaning and maintenance of e cig parts such as atomizers. It also extends the lifetime of e cigarette devices. Finally, it is worth noting that e liquid may be based on VG, PG, or both ingredients.

PG VG ELiquid Mixtures

Many eliquid mixtures available on the market today contain varying amounts of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerol. However, eliquids with both ingredients generally have better flavor intensity, throat hit, and vapor density depending on the formulation ratio. Common formulation ratios include 50/50, 70/30, and 60/40. Additionally, some manufacturers allow consumers to customize their eliquids. For instance, to attain a sweeter flavor, manufacturers use a ratio that contains more vegetable glycerol than propylene glycerol. If you crave a product that can deliver a stronger “throat hit,” go for one that has more PG than VG. However, varying PG and VG formulations affect eliquid pH levels substantially. This is because both propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin are alkaline. For this reason, products that contain both ingredients are likely to be alkaline. All in all, it advisable to keep pH levels within the 6 to 8 range in order to maintain product flavor and improve its lifetime as well.

Carcinogens Found In Cigarettes

Cigarette smoke contains more than 7,000 chemical compounds, including more than 70 carcinogenic compounds, the American Cancer Society (ACS) reports. Known carcinogens found in regular cigarettes include arsenic, cadmium, benzene, ethylene oxide, formaldehyde, acetaldehyde, furan, lead, beryllium, hydrazine, isoprene, and vinyl chloride.Click Here to get a Copy of your GUIDE TO QUIT SMOKING In addition, regular cigarettes contain nicotine at far higher levels than electronic cigarettes. The nicotine level in e cigs ranges from 0 mg/ml (none) to 25 mg/ml (high), meaning you can purchase e-liquid with no or minimal amounts of nicotine. In comparison, a study published in the journal Addiction & Health found that the amount of nicotine in traditional cigarettes ranges from a low of 6.17 mg/ml to a high of 50.89 mg/ml.


Propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin are major ingredients in eliquid. The latter is mostly used for flavoring e cigs while the former is used to generate throat hit. The FDA has designated both ingredients safe for human consumption. These aspects make eliquid safer that traditional cigarettes which contain tens of carcinogenic compounds including arsenic, vinyl chloride and lead.
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A Guide to Choosing the Best eliquid Flavoring Product

According to a study done by researchers from Portland State University, there are more than 8,000 flavors available in eliquids . Popular flavors include coffee, cherry and menthol. However, the large number of flavors makes it hard to select a suitable e liquid flavoring. Below is a detailed guide to choosing the best e liquid flavoring.

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Choose an eliquid product that provides a comprehensive list of its constituent ingredients. This is vital to help you avoid eliquid flavoring products with potentially harmful ingredients. For instance, a study published in the journal Nicotine & Tobacco Research found that diacetyl and acetyl, two compounds used to manufacture sweet-flavored e-cigarette products, can cause respiratory diseases when inhaled. In spite of this, diacetyl and acetyl were found in 74.2% of the samples collected for this study. Moreover, some players in the e cig industry simply state that their products contain ingredients that comply with the FDA’s “Food Grade” or “generally recognized as safe standards.” This is misleading because an ingredient that is safe to eat may not be safe to smoke due to the chemical changes that occur when it is subjected to heat. Contrary to popular belief, the FDA says that propylene glycol does not cause adverse health effects. Overall, you should avoid products that contain flavoring ingredients listed as harmful by reputable bodies such as the FDA, Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and the Mayo Clinic.


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Select a vaping product from a reputable and recognized brand. Such a product is likely to be manufactured in a facility that complies with all the health and safety standards set by the relevant bodies, including the FDA and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). What’s more, such a product is likely to have gained customer acceptance due to its superior quality. A well-known brand is also unlikely to distribute vaping products that contain harmful ingredients due to intense consumer scrutiny.

Sampler Packs

Products that offer free sampler packs would allow you to try different flavors in order to identify the flavors that suit your preferences. Sampler packs also allow consumers to sample a wide range of flavoring products without necessarily spending a lot of money on any of them. Of course, you will also likely save money by purchasing the flavors you like in large quantities. It is worth noting that you can mix different flavors to create your own custom flavors. For instance, you can mix multiple tobacco flavors to create a unique flavor. Fortunately, you can find instructions for creating custom flavors on sites and forums that attract vaping enthusiasts.


Packaging is important because it can help you differentiate genuine and sub-standard products. For instance, most quality products are packaged in glass bottles while sub-standard e liquid products tend to come in plastic bottles. In fact, flavoring liquid in amber glass bottles has longer shelf life because the bottle prevents light from breaking down nicotine. Additionally, quality packaging often portrays a product manufactured in a clean and safe environment.
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The cost of eliquid products depends on quantity, quality, ingredients, and brand reputation. As such, expect high-end products from well-known brands to be more expensive than those from emerging brands. Nevertheless, take note a lowly priced product may not be necessarily sub-standard because some brands use pricing to capture market share. To get the most affordable e liquid products, shop around and compare prices quoted by different brands. If you can, look for vaping products that come with price discounts, preferably on e-commerce sites. You can also get substantial discounts if you place a bulk order.

Return Policy

A survey done by researchers from the University of Regensburg found that 48% of e-retailers have a return rate that ranges from 25% to 50%. For this reason, it is wise to purchase e liquid products from retailers that have clear return policies/guidelines. Sadly, some e-commerce sites use incomprehensible legalese to prevent consumers from claiming refunds on returned goods. To avoid losing your money, you should read the return policy thoroughly.


Eliquid flavoring products have grown in tandem with the demand for e cigs. Some of the factors you should consider when choosing eliquid flavoring products include the cost, product return policy, packaging, ingredients, brand, as well as the availability of sampler packs.


Halo has been in this e-cigarette industry for the last few years and being consistently ranked as one of the highest ranked brands in the e-cigarette industry . Untill 2 years ago , they were just making cig-a-like models. But they were making USA made eliquids back then when other brands were importing it from outside USA. But at the moment Halo ecigs offer a lot to stand in the ranks of prominent ecig brands .


Halo cigs is one of the companies which caters top-notch starter kits and e-liquid from the beginners to most advanced vapers .

In this review we would probe closely G6 starter kit of Halo cigs .

G6 E-cigarette starter kit comes in 9 different colours to choose from .

1. Jetblack
2. Electric Lime
3. Emerald Green
4. Deep purple
5. Princess Pink
6. Classic white
7. Midnight Blue
8. Red
9. Titanium

Starter kit that costs like $35 offers everything you need for vaping g6-starterkit. Once in hand you are good to go . It comes with

2 Batteries
1 pack of 5 cartomizers
1 wall charger
1 premium Halo gift style Box
1 USB adaptor


Halo cigs offers Anti filler technology to avoid the terrifying burning taste we often get with cartridges . In they also promise a durable long-lasting battery life without loosing volume of smooth vapor production. That is some good return to your little investment.

There three different sizes of batteries to choose from and you can choose the same colour as of your starter kit .

Mini – 65mm
Standard – 78mm
Large – 102mm


Like described above , Halo cigs is one of those rare companies to offer premium eliquids in a wild collection of flavors .


Tobacco Flavors

Tribeca – ultra Smooth Tobacco
Turkish Tobacco – Smooth Light Tobacco
Voodoo – Sugar and Spice Tobacco
Torque56 E-liquid – Unfiltered Tobacco
Prime15 – Bold Nutty Tobacco
Pirates Creed – Classic Pipe Tobacco
Midnight Apple – Spiced Apple Tobacco
Freedom Juice – Robust Tobacco Flavor
Cordoba – Fine Cigar Blend
Black Calico – Cavendish Tobacco

Menthol Flavored E-liquids

SubZero – Extra Strength Menthol
Menthol ICE – Cool Crisp Menthol
Mystic – Menthol Tobacco Blend
CoolMist – Sweet Smooth Menthol
Menthol V – Crisp Clean Menthol

Dessert Flavored E-liquids

Kringle’s Curse – Sweet Peppermint
Malibu E-liquid – Tropical Menthol Blend
Devlin E-liquid – Sweet Caramel
Cafe Mocha – Robust Chocolate Coffee
Belgian Cocoa – Rich Chocolate Blend
Fusion E-liquid – Unflavored DIY Base
Shamrock – Mint Chocolate Blend

Fruit-Flavored E-liquids

Wild Watermelon – Lip-Smacking Watermelon
Tangerine Swirl – Tangerine and Vanilla
Nutty Caramel – Caramel Covered Nuts
Pure Pomegranate – Delectable Pomegranate Blend
Spiced Apple – Spiced ‘Granny-Smith’ Apples
Hazelnut Cappuccino – Cappuccino with Hazelnut
Limelight – Fresh Key Lime
Grape Vape – Candy Grape Blend
Golden Kiwi – Sweet and Tart
FruitApalooza – Delicious Fruit Blend
Cantaloupia – Sweet Crisp Cantaloupe
Backwoods Blueberry – Delicious Blueberries
Apricota – Tree-Ripe Apricots
Apple Pom Smoothie – Apple Pomegranate Blend


Halo cigs has variety of e cigs With its stylish packaging, attractive array colours and peak performance .The latest models of Triton tank and the G6 models have skyrocketed them to the ranks of ecigs market . In addtion that long wild arrays of flavors are more than enough to make you think about their top-notch products . My definite recommendation Halo Cigs !


Vaporfi is the e-cigarette brand launched by international vapor group. Vaporfi offers a healthy array of ecigs as well as high quality eliquid . Brand ranks high in terms of it’s unique features like best vapor production , high-powered devices , durable battery life and spectacular designing . Beside that , there are reasons why we would spotlight Vaporfi as one the best out there because they offer these quality devices at fairly cheap prices.

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Vaporfi caters basically five types of starter kits .

1.The ego style Vaporfi Pro designed particularly for the beginners is an easy and affordable way to vaping .
2.The latest one Vice starter kit which is a combination of power and portability integrated in a tube shape ecig instead of a mod style .
3.Express starter kit , Just like Vaporfi Pro , It is perfectly designed for beginners with a decent throat hit . More like a mini ecig it comes with two batteries .A longer one and a smaller one for the purpose of portability .
4.Rocket starter kit . Ideal for both the beginners and advanced user , it comes with an adjustable power control hence gives you more control of your vaping experience.
5.Rebel starter kit .Basically designed for the most advanced vapors. Being a variable voltage device itself , this one also gives you ability to use different battery sizes .

In this review , we will take a close look at Vaporfi Pro kit . VaporFi starter kit comes packed in a gift style Box in white and green colours in accordance to e cigarette style . The starter kit that costs you $49 is one of the most economic kit you will ever find. It gives you everything you need to get you going VAPORFI2. It comes with following accessories.

1 Pro-L Tank
1 650 mAh Battery

3 spare atomizers
2 charging cables
1 adapter

The kit comes in an array of versatile colours you can choose from . The colours are



Black (standard)

The e cigarette is 6 inches in length and has lightweight sleek and neat egostyle shape providing Pocket size portability .

The standard 650 mAh battery comes in black colour but there are other colours available on Vaporfi official website . It can be replaced to a updraded 1000mAh voltage battery that could be adjusted from 3.2 to 4.8 volts . This upgrade makes it a durable e-cigarette with some really decent vapor production .VAPORFI2

OCC atomizer with a resistance of 1.5 ohm is another addition which provides a prolonged battery life .

Vaporfi employs a combination of cartomizer and atomizer instead of cartridge .There are a couple of advantages to this . This technology produces more vapor volume and desired throat hit with every puff . This combination tends to last longer than the cartridge .
There is a massive range of flavors available with vaporfi . In addition to the standard flavors you can also customize different flavors to produce your own unique flavor . Some of the well-known flavors are given below .VAPORFI2

Bubble Gum
Butter Pecan
Red Hot Cinnamon
Graham Cracke
Peppermint Party
Menthol Ice
Mighty Menthol
Cuban Cigar
Simply Shisha
Classic Tobacco
Fresh Mint
Sahara Gold Tobacco
There are six strengths available for the satisfaction of desired nicotine cravings

Zero – 0%
Ultra Light – 0.6%
Light – 1.2%
Regular – 1.8%
Full Flavor – 2.4%
Bold – 3.6%


The stylish packaging , sleek engineering , top class performance and array of colours Vaporfi pro is available in , makes it one the best ecigs to try out . The thick vapor production and throat hit takes your vaping to the next level. Not to mention the durability of its battery life and takes a jiffy to recharge . It cloud be spotlighted as Vaporfi’s best device . Well done Vaporfi !

V2 Cigs


V2 cigs is a Florida based company founded in 2009 is one of the early brands out there in e-cigarette market . Since the launch  of their other leading brands like vapour2  they have built their stature as the best or one of the best out there in the industry . Thanks to their innovation , V2 Cigs has some of the finest looking electronic cigarette that we have seen . From a newbie to the experienced vapors , they have got something to offer for everyone .


V2 Cigs Ultimate Starter Kit comes with a spectacular box. The product has a solid engineering in addition to the unique branding on all the accessories including the battery and cartridges. They’ve got more like a sci-fi like appearance.It is very much suitable to work with many brands including vapor4life and premium vapes along with cigarette-like ecigs because of same KR-808D1 threading .

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V2 Cigs Ultimate Starter Kit gives you pretty much all you need for your transition. It comes with the following accessories
25 cartridges – 5 flavors with 5 cartridges each .
3 V2 batteries – 2 standard length batteries , one automatic and one manual . ONE long manual battery .
1 USB e-cigarette
1 high quality holding case
1 lanyard
1 Main charger
1 Car charger
1 Charging Case


You get two categories of options when it comes to make selection of battery for your starter kit . One in terms of size and the other one in terms of selecting automatic or manual battery . Using an automatic battery , you inhale which triggers the battery – whereas using a manual battery , you will need to press a button while inhaling . The buttons are designed to integrate with the overall style of product, and don’t diminish the look of device. More advanced vapors prefer manual batteries as it gives you more control of your vaping experience and are more efficient .

When it comes to the length/size of battery .. You have this long , standard and sv2-ecig-battery-comparison-charthort battery options .

Long battery gives you 300+ puffs , 140mm long in length and a power of 380mAh.

Standard battery gives you 200+ puffs , 110mm long in length and a power of 250mAh.

Short battery gives you 160+puffs , 100mm long in length and a power of 150mAh.



The company offers cartridges which can refilled easily . For example with the release cartridges for EX series that operate with v2 batteries , you can open these and fill it with the ejuice you want . In a way it is an economical option for those who want to save something on their ejuice expenses as compared to cartridges that come prefilled These cartridges are a new addition to their accessories with a more advanced engineering as they have a window allowing you to get a glance of your ejuice to check out how much of it is left .It also offers 400+ puffs instead of 250+ puffs you get from standard cartridges.


V2 Cigs offer eliquids in variety of flavors .Their extensive collection have something for everyone . From the Tobacco flavors to the Minty blends , from sweet varieties to the coffee , you will find many that will work for you . Here is a list of these .

V2 Red
Mint Tea

In the end it all depends on the users personal preferences . Apart from these , they have this offer for customers who order 100 or more cartridges . The offer gives vapors customization offers additional cocktails , deserts and fruit flavors to choose from .


You will find five levels in terms of nicotine within V2 Cigs cartridge,
1. Zero
2.Light (6mg)
3. Medium (12mg)
4. Full (18mg)
5. Strong (24mg).
Going backwards in order , these levels can provide a road to your journey to get rid of nicotine addiction .


Three words , “A lifetime warranty” is the bottom line . Since the launch of this company , the standard or quality of their products leaves nothing debatable. During the production process, every portion is tested to the limits before being sold to the clients. Similarly, all their e-liquids are chemically analyzed . To avoid the abuse of lifetime warranty the company gives five replacements and these replacements doesn’t include disposable accessories . Warranty is voided if use the items in any other way than stated in the user manual.


As stated above , looking the quality products of V2 cigs , they hardly give anything to criticize. The dense vapor, genuine throat hit, high quality of design, range of flavors and battery life are the pillars V2 cigs live up to. Well done V2 cigs !


Keys To Find The Cheap Vape Juice Choices Out There!

Cosmic Fog Vapors E-Liquid - V2 Eliquid MarketplaceTo find cheap vape juice you have to be willing to work on searching for it. You will find that with minimal effort, you can get ejuices for a discounted price or even free. It’s better to use your time to save money than to have to keep wasting it on things you may not even like.

Don’t buy in bulk even if you see something that is a good price if you’re not sure you will like it. The problem with getting a lot of juices that you’re not sure about is that you may not like it and then you’ll be stuck with having to give it away or throwing it out. At least head to a local shop and see if they have a small sample of the juice you can try before you go out and order a ton of it so you’re sure it’s for you.IMG_0427
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Vaping is only going to be affordable if you are able to get some coupons or other deals through codes. When you check out at stores online, you probably see a box for codes that say you can use one if you have one. As soon as you see a code box, you need to stop what you’re doing so you can see if you can find one to use on there. Then you can easily save money if you find an accurate and current one, so it’s worth a shot. If there are multiple coupon codes you find and you can only use one, do the math to see what the best option is.
Sampler packs are sold in stores and online, so ask about it if you don’t see the option when looking around. You can, usually, find contact emails for most websites, and at stores you can just ask someone in person. If you find a sample pack, it probably will have smaller sizes than buying a regular bottle. It should cost you less to try various flavors so make sure you look at what you’re about to pay per bottle or fluid ounces so you’re not getting ripped off.

Eliquids that are marked down really low at a store may not be in date. There are people at places like head shops that will try to sell you very cheap ejuices because they no longer are good and that’s a big mistake to use with your devices. While you can probably get some nicotine from really old juices at times, you may end up getting a bad flavor from it. Not only will it taste bad to vape, but it will stick around in your device for a while and may ruin it for good if it’s bad enough.

When you’re able to find the best cheap vape juice for yourself, it will be great because you’ll be able to save so much money. It costs you a little to test out juices, but now you know how to do the testing for much less.

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Liquid Nicotine and vaping

Cosmic Fog Vapors E-Liquid - V2 Eliquid MarketplaceAsking a smoker about Getting rid of smoking habit could possibly be
overwhelming despite knowing the fact that these typical tobacco
cigarettes have harmful carcinogenic substances . Nicotine extremely
addictive substance is the main cause of dependency . Folks happen to
quit their smoking habit for days but there is always a severe
temptation for tobacco and they would end up smoking eventually .
Because they would fully grasp this alleviation form nicotine only .
Vaporizers can play a role in nicotine lowering process by getting the
liquid nicotine in use . The user gets the same sensation as normal
cigarette hence satisfied with their nicotine cravings . The idea is the
consumption of liquid nicotine with different nicotine strengths that can
go from too low to too intense .

Nicotine has a lot to do with what is refered as throat hit . A smoker
switching to vaping could use a little experimentation to find out which
nicotine strength is best for them . understanding the math for mg/ml is
crucial for a successful transition from smoking to nicotine free e
Tip- By customizing the amount of nicotine and gradually decreasing it to zero , ypu get rid of your smoking habit. Click Here To Get Your Guide For Quiting Smoking!
8mg/ml ,/10mg/ml ,12mg/ml liquid nicotine strength would offer a
comfortable throat hit to moderate or light smokers trying to switch .. It
is always recommended to start from lower strength and gradually
surge in case you don’t feel comfortable .
you’ll want to try 12mg/ml , 18mg/ml , 24mg/ml previously being a
heavy smoker . This strength fits to the need of your nicotine cravings .

6mg/ml , 3mg/ml ratio could be the strength for mild throat hit . Ideal
for vapers who have developed a habit of vaping at great frequency
taking the equivalent amount of nicotine liquid with more puffs .Many
devices feature “puff counters” or more which may help you gauge your

since liquid nicotine is extremely concentrated and addicting it is
recommended that you talk to your physician.In case you don’t use
cigarettes , it is essential to understand that nicotine is surely an
addictive chemical . You can vape for reasons other than nicotine liquid
, for instance simply seeking pleasure in flavors . Those seeking to quit
nicotine habit through vaping “step down” the nicotine level over time,
eventually reducing to eliquid with zero nicotine level.

Discover Your Ejuice !

VaporFi Slushie 728x90

Have you been vaping and want to get  some cheap e juice to use so you can save some  money? There are many ways you can get great ejuices if you are cautious. Once you discover what you enjoy the most you can use it on a regular basis and then decide to buy in bulk.

Tip – Electronic cigarette tanks that you
put ejuice in are going to be made of a variety of materials. Some of them are going to break or have other problems if you use juices with certain properties. For instance, some of the citrus flavors are acidic and can eat through the cheaper or even more expensive plastic tanks depending on how strong it is. You cannot even accidentally use a tank with juices once because they will immediately start to break down the materials most of the time well before you can save the tank.


Talk to your local vaping shop’s staff and ask them if they have any testers you can try out. Sometimes people who work at these stores will have tons of juices in the back that they got from places like trade exhibitions. You can easily get a few free bottles this way, and since they’re pretty random you may find something you want to buy later. Some communities online are good to join because they have vendors there too that like to have contests through forums or social media pages so keep your eyes peeled.
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Test a variety of flavors

EJuices should be tested if you have the ability to. One way to test them out is to go to a local store and ask them if you can try out what you’re thinking of buying. They may just put a disposable tip on a unit and let you go through the ones you want to try so you don’t waste your money on something that you’ll just ignore or throw away after one use. You should also see if there are sample packs you can buy for cheap that let you test a variety of flavors to help you figure out what tastes you have.


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Keep an eye out for coupons as you look for electronic cigarette juices online. There are great deals online and elsewhere all of the time if you are careful and the deals can help you to try things you otherwise wouldn’t have noticed. You can start looking for them by searching on a search engine for ejuice coupons or the name of a brand you want to try and coupons. If you’re able to get results, try sorting them by date because that should let you see what probably will work since older coupons may not if they’re expired.

Remember to look into ejuice cheap ejuice options so you can save money even if you like what you currently use. You may find what you enjoy for cheaper, or will find something new that you can enjoy more while saving money. It’s all a matter of trying new things until you find what you like.

PG vs VG

Cosmic Fog Vapors E-Liquid - V2 Eliquid MarketplaceFor new vapors , PG vs VG might be a new addition to the vocabulary . After this 2 min read you would probably get accustomed to it .

Typical Ejuice is a blend of ingredients like Propylene Glycol (PG) , Vegetable Glycerin (VG) , nicotine liquid and flavours . Both PG and VG act as carrier in eliquids both with their own unique properties compose the base of ejuice. Understanding of both these terms can benefit your vaping experience to a great deal .
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Propylene Glycol (PG) is a thin and tasteless synthetic chemical and doesn’t interfere with the flavour of ejuice. It is also utilized as an additive in many other food products and medicines. It helps in quick vaporization of ejuices .
whereas Vegetable Glycerin (VG) is bit thicker than PG naturally derived liquid usually extracted from plants coconut oil or palm oil. This thickness of VG directly affects the thickness of vapor produced hence greater throat hit .

There are different ” PG vs VG ” ratio eliquids available these days . It is a matter of personal preferences to choose from a range of 80/20 , 70/30 , 60/40 or a 50/50 blend of PG vs VG .

what does steeping ejuices mean ?

Cosmic Fog Vapors E-Liquid - V2 Eliquid Marketplace
Steeping is a process of maturing ejuice in order to enjoy the flavor to its full potential. Just like the creation of several other products in food industry , aging helps them get mature . i.e  leaving fine wine to age . For the sake of example consider a cup of tea , when the leaves are given proper time to throw nutrients and flavor into the water .

Then there ways to speed up this whole process , we will talk about them later . If you bought a fresh batch of eliquids , you might a want sample of it to get the idea . If its flavor is not living up to your likening then steeping  ejuice could do the trick .

Why steeping ?

Since ejuices are a mixture of pg vg , nicotine liquid and flavoring . The goal is to get the  homogenized mixture of these ingredients on the molecular level . By steeping ejuices , we are giving these ingredients the time to settle for molecular bonds hence resulting a full smoother grade flavor . And steeping ejuices tends to get dark their respective colours .

Tip- Vaping can lead you through on your road to addiction free life.Click Here To Get Your Guide For Quitting Hazardous Smoking Habit!


This usually involves taking the cap off and allowing the air to enter in bottle and leaving ejuice in warm dark place for couple of weeks . You might want to shake it from time to time expelling the air and getting it replaced with fresh one . The most natural way of steeping ejuice is to take it through breathing since air oxidizes the eliquid . some believe the MAILLARD REACTION( a chemical reaction of amino aids and sugars ) takes place causing a change in flavor.

To speed up this oxidizing process you might want to consider some other options . It’s all about how far you ae willing to go to get the desired result .

Applying heat via hot tap water

Start by shaking eliquid bottle vigorously and place it an a sink full of hot water . Let the bottle sit for a while and change the water after a while . You can take the cap off and place it in warm dark place once again .

GPU fan ventilation

An interesting way of steeping ejuices is using GPU fan ventilation by placing your eliquid next to GPU fan ventilator while you are using your laptop with ease .