Discover Your Ejuice !

Have you been vaping and want to get  some cheap e juice to use so you can save some  money? There are many ways you can get great ejuices if you are cautious. Once you discover what you enjoy the most you can use it on a regular basis and then decide to buy in bulk.

Tip – Electronic cigarette tanks that you
put ejuice in are going to be made of a variety of materials. Some of them are going to break or have other problems if you use juices with certain properties. For instance, some of the citrus flavors are acidic and can eat through the cheaper or even more expensive plastic tanks depending on how strong it is. You cannot even accidentally use a tank with juices once because they will immediately start to break down the materials most of the time well before you can save the tank.


Talk to your local vaping shop’s staff and ask them if they have any testers you can try out. Sometimes people who work at these stores will have tons of juices in the back that they got from places like trade exhibitions. You can easily get a few free bottles this way, and since they’re pretty random you may find something you want to buy later. Some communities online are good to join because they have vendors there too that like to have contests through forums or social media pages so keep your eyes peeled.

Test a variety of flavors

EJuices should be tested if you have the ability to. One way to test them out is to go to a local store and ask them if you can try out what you’re thinking of buying. They may just put a disposable tip on a unit and let you go through the ones you want to try so you don’t waste your money on something that you’ll just ignore or throw away after one use. You should also see if there are sample packs you can buy for cheap that let you test a variety of flavors to help you figure out what tastes you have.


Keep an eye out for coupons as you look for electronic cigarette juices online. There are great deals online and elsewhere all of the time if you are careful and the deals can help you to try things you otherwise wouldn’t have noticed. You can start looking for them by searching on a search engine for ejuice coupons or the name of a brand you want to try and coupons. If you’re able to get results, try sorting them by date because that should let you see what probably will work since older coupons may not if they’re expired.

Remember to look into ejuice cheap ejuice options so you can save money even if you like what you currently use. You may find what you enjoy for cheaper, or will find something new that you can enjoy more while saving money. It’s all a matter of trying new things until you find what you like.