A Guide to Choosing the Best eliquid Flavoring Product

According to a study done by researchers from Portland State University, there are more than 8,000 flavors available in eliquids . Popular flavors include coffee, cherry and menthol. However, the large number of flavors makes it hard to select a suitable e liquid flavoring. Below is a detailed guide to choosing the best e liquid flavoring.


Choose an eliquid product that provides a comprehensive list of its constituent ingredients. This is vital to help you avoid eliquid flavoring products with potentially harmful ingredients. For instance, a study published in the journal Nicotine & Tobacco Research found that diacetyl and acetyl, two compounds used to manufacture sweet-flavored e-cigarette products, can cause respiratory diseases when inhaled. In spite of this, diacetyl and acetyl were found in 74.2% of the samples collected for this study. Moreover, some players in the e cig industry simply state that their products contain ingredients that comply with the FDA’s “Food Grade” or “generally recognized as safe standards.” This is misleading because an ingredient that is safe to eat may not be safe to smoke due to the chemical changes that occur when it is subjected to heat. Contrary to popular belief, the FDA says that propylene glycol does not cause adverse health effects. Overall, you should avoid products that contain flavoring ingredients listed as harmful by reputable bodies such as the FDA, Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and the Mayo Clinic.


Select a vaping product from a reputable and recognized brand. Such a product is likely to be manufactured in a facility that complies with all the health and safety standards set by the relevant bodies, including the FDA and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). What’s more, such a product is likely to have gained customer acceptance due to its superior quality. A well-known brand is also unlikely to distribute vaping products that contain harmful ingredients due to intense consumer scrutiny.

Sampler Packs

Products that offer free sampler packs would allow you to try different flavors in order to identify the flavors that suit your preferences. Sampler packs also allow consumers to sample a wide range of flavoring products without necessarily spending a lot of money on any of them. Of course, you will also likely save money by purchasing the flavors you like in large quantities. It is worth noting that you can mix different flavors to create your own custom flavors. For instance, you can mix multiple tobacco flavors to create a unique flavor. Fortunately, you can find instructions for creating custom flavors on sites and forums that attract vaping enthusiasts.


Packaging is important because it can help you differentiate genuine and sub-standard products. For instance, most quality products are packaged in glass bottles while sub-standard e liquid products tend to come in plastic bottles. In fact, flavoring liquid in amber glass bottles has longer shelf life because the bottle prevents light from breaking down nicotine. Additionally, quality packaging often portrays a product manufactured in a clean and safe environment.


The cost of eliquid products depends on quantity, quality, ingredients, and brand reputation. As such, expect high-end products from well-known brands to be more expensive than those from emerging brands. Nevertheless, take note a lowly priced product may not be necessarily sub-standard because some brands use pricing to capture market share. To get the most affordable e liquid products, shop around and compare prices quoted by different brands. If you can, look for vaping products that come with price discounts, preferably on e-commerce sites. You can also get substantial discounts if you place a bulk order.

Return Policy

A survey done by researchers from the University of Regensburg found that 48% of e-retailers have a return rate that ranges from 25% to 50%. For this reason, it is wise to purchase e liquid products from retailers that have clear return policies/guidelines. Sadly, some e-commerce sites use incomprehensible legalese to prevent consumers from claiming refunds on returned goods. To avoid losing your money, you should read the return policy thoroughly.


Eliquid flavoring products have grown in tandem with the demand for e cigs. Some of the factors you should consider when choosing eliquid flavoring products include the cost, product return policy, packaging, ingredients, brand, as well as the availability of sampler packs.