what does steeping ejuices mean ?

Steeping is a process of maturing ejuice in order to enjoy the flavor to its full potential. Just like the creation of several other products in food industry , aging helps them get mature . i.e  leaving fine wine to age . For the sake of example consider a cup of tea , when the leaves are given proper time to throw nutrients and flavor into the water .

Then there ways to speed up this whole process , we will talk about them later . If you bought a fresh batch of eliquids , you might a want sample of it to get the idea . If its flavor is not living up to your likening then steeping  ejuice could do the trick .

Why steeping ?

Since ejuices are a mixture of pg vg , nicotine liquid and flavoring . The goal is to get the  homogenized mixture of these ingredients on the molecular level . By steeping ejuices , we are giving these ingredients the time to settle for molecular bonds hence resulting a full smoother grade flavor . And steeping ejuices tends to get dark their respective colours .



This usually involves taking the cap off and allowing the air to enter in bottle and leaving ejuice in warm dark place for couple of weeks . You might want to shake it from time to time expelling the air and getting it replaced with fresh one . The most natural way of steeping ejuice is to take it through breathing since air oxidizes the eliquid . some believe the MAILLARD REACTION( a chemical reaction of amino aids and sugars ) takes place causing a change in flavor.

To speed up this oxidizing process you might want to consider some other options . It’s all about how far you ae willing to go to get the desired result .

Applying heat via hot tap water

Start by shaking eliquid bottle vigorously and place it an a sink full of hot water . Let the bottle sit for a while and change the water after a while . You can take the cap off and place it in warm dark place once again .

GPU fan ventilation

An interesting way of steeping ejuices is using GPU fan ventilation by placing your eliquid next to GPU fan ventilator while you are using your laptop with ease .


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