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Are you aware of the health problems, fatal at times, posed by carcinogenic chemical compounds present in the smoke of a traditional cigarette? Do you know that this smoke also affects the health of your family members when they inhale it involuntarily? Bypass these problems; yet enjoy the pleasure provided by nicotine, the addictive component in cigarette smoke, by opting for vaporizers today.

What is a vaporizer?

Popularly known as e-cigarettes, the vaporizer is a battery powered gadget, resembling a cigarette, which converts liquid nicotine into a vapor that the user inhales. It consists of two tubular parts connected to each other:
• The battery compartment
• The cartridge compartment

The battery compartment

This part contains a rechargeable lithium ion battery and a LED lamp on its tip. The battery provides power to the cartridge section as well as lights up the tip of the e-cig when it is in `on’ state. The battery provides a continuous supply of power to the air sensor.


The cartridge compartment

It contains a heating element coil covered holder for housing the nicotine liquid cartridge. It also has a microprocessor along with a wind sensor. Fine wires connect all these parts along with the LED to the Li-ion battery. When a person drags on the electronic cigarette, the air entering from its tip activates the wind sensor, which in turn activates the microprocessor, which sends power from the battery to the heating element. The heat generated by the coil vaporizes the liquid inside the cartridge converting it to water vapor and gaseous nicotine, which passes into the mouth of the user. The water vapor provides an illusion of cigarette smoke. The air sensor breaks the circuit if it detects no flow of air for a predetermined period and shuts down the power supply to the microprocessor.


All vaporizer kits, apart from the use and dispose models, ship with a couple of liquid nicotine cartridges and a battery charger. Charging the e-cig is simple. Detach the two compartments and plug the battery holder into the charger.

Pros of the vaporizer

• Its fumes do not contain toxic chemicals and tar found in cigarette smoke.
• It contains nicotine, the addictive and mood altering agent of traditional cigarettes
• Users have the option to choose from a wide range of eliquids having nicotine of a strength and flavor of their choice
• Prevents nicotine withdrawal syndrome such as depression, increased hunger, irritability, and fatigue
• Helps improve the lives of users by preventing COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease), one of the primary cause of death for smokers
• Users can get rid of their addiction to nicotine permanently by gradually shifting to cartridges containing a lower percentage of nicotine
• No passive smoking problems for the family members, and no lingering putrid tobacco odor in the room of the smoker since its fumes contains no carcinogenic chemical compounds
• Costs less per puff than a normal cigarette
• The vaporizer has no flame or hot ash on its tip, which can burn your clothes, rugs, and furniture


• Battery explosions causing burns on the user’s face… this happens when one opts for a cheap vaporizer imported from third world countries
• No medical information about adverse long term health effects of propylene glycol… the user can avoid this by opting for nicotine liquid cartridges containing vegetable glycerin
• The fume released by the eliquids has a different taste than that of a standard cigarette since the former does not have tobacco

As one can judge from the points mentioned above, the pros of the vaporizer far outweigh its cons. Protect your health and that of your loved ones by switching over to vaporizers today.